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Steps for Successful Fall Lawn Renovation

If your lawn looks a little tired, it may be time for a facelift. A few changes will help you get a turf that will be healthier for the spring and summer. With a few steps, you can revitalize your yard. Before you break out the shovels, there are a few things that you can […]

Common Grass Diseases In Pennsylvania

A healthy lawn is lush and green. However, if you notice some brown or yellow spots in your turf, it could be the result of a disease. There are several types of infections that can be found in Pennsylvania. Once you have identified the problem in the yard, there are ways to treat it. Here […]

Tips for Planting Grass in the Fall

As the leaves and temperatures start to drop, you might want to take steps to improve the health of your lawn. Fall is a great time to plant, especially for certain varieties of grasses. For those who are looking for a lush and healthy lawn, there are a few tips that you will want to […]

When Should You Overseed a Fescue Lawn?

If you want to have a luscious fescue lawn, then you should start overseeding in the fall. During this time, overseeding fescue grass seed is ideal. Many homeowners overseed about three weeks before the first autumn frost. However, the right time may be different for your specific area. When you overseed fescue in the fall, […]

What’s The Difference Between A Landscape Architect and A Landscape Designer?

For those homeowners who want to tackle a big project, you might consider hiring a professional for the job. You have probably heard the terms “landscape architect” or a “landscape designer,” but is there a difference between them? These professionals handle separate areas of your project. Before you hire someone, here are some facts that […]

The Homeowner’s Guide to Landscape Irrigation

A home irrigation system can be installed to help supply water throughout your yard. However, there are other important benefits to an irrigation system, including creating a healthier landscape, providing a softer environmental footprint, and limiting runoff water from your yard. With this guide, you can learn about the additional benefits of a landscape irrigation […]

Should I Fertilize or Kill Weeds First?

Many people want to have that professionally manicured look for their yards. All those lush and green lawns do need a little help with the use of fertilizers and weed control products. An essential part of the process is the exact time you choose to apply these products, along with selecting the right formula for […]