Why You Need Weed Control Services

Many people think that weed control is an easy process. You just grab a bottle of chemicals and spray away. However, there is much more to weeding than that. The key is to stop weeds before they become an intrusive presence in your yard. Weed control is an essential part of your commercial lawn care routine. Here are a few reasons why you need weed control services for your property.

Weeds Give a Bad Impression

Weeds take down the appearance of your lawn. When there are several of them in your yard, it can look like you don’t care about your property. Weeds just present a terrible image. If you have a commercial property, you want to attract customers, not repel them.

Takes Time To Correct

Once you see weeds in your yard, you need to take immediate action. You could pull them by hand or apply a chemical to the grass. However, these chores are time-consuming and costly. When you have a weed control service, they know what methods work best for your yard. You don’t have to guess to find the right solutions to rid your property of those nasty weeds.

When searching for the right commercial lawn care services for your property, make sure that they understand your needs. In most cases, these professionals have the ideal products for your yard. There is no one-size-fits-all for weed control. A dependable team will inspect your property and customize a solution for you. Most properties have delicate plants throughout the landscape. You could spray chemicals, but that can lead to harmful effects on the rest of your green spaces.

Weeding Is a Continuous Process

Once you have eliminated weeds from your yard, the process does not stop. You need to keep up on treatments to prevent them from continuing to grow. Many weeds do not need much to grow and thrive. Their shallow roots can survive on minimal amounts of water and nutrients. With a regular visit from a weed control service, you can prevent those weeds from coming back.

Prevent Weeds Before They Grow

If you want an effective solution to weed control, you have to stop them before they start to grow. Once they take root in your property, they will continue to spread and harm the other plants, flowers, and grass. It can also be a complicated process to remove weeds once they have been established in your yard. The best solution is to stop them before they grow. In many cases, a professional weed control technician applies a pre-emergent product to eliminate weeds before they start to germinate. Many of those chemicals target the seeds and prevent any sprouting. If you can spray them at the right time, you can avoid an upcoming battle with weeds.

Save Money on Treatment

You could spend money on those home improvement store solutions. However, you might not know which product to use or how much to spray on your lawn. These chemicals are not the best options for your yard. By using these products, you could have a bigger weed problem and spend additional money to correct the issue. When you use a commercial lawn care service, they will keep your green spaces looking weed-free without any guessing games.

Improves the Health and Appearance of Your Lawn

As you already know, weeds bring down the appearance of your lawn. These weeds will make you look like a neglectful property owner. Along with that, weeds can damage the health of your grass and plants. When you hire a professional weed control service, they will keep your space weed-free by boosting the health of your lawn.

Once weeds are removed from your yard, you will see the general health of your landscape improve. Those plants, grasses, and flowers do not have to compete with the weeds for water and nutrients. You will be left with a vibrant and healthy lawn. Plus, when the lawn is strong, there is a better chance that weeds will not take up space in your yard.

Provide Guidance To Stay Weed-Free

Your ultimate goal should be to keep your lawn weed-free. You might think you are doing your best, but your local weed control service can provide tips and tricks. Depending on the soil type, location, shade, moisture levels, and types of plants, there are certain things that can be done to boost the health of your landscape. These experienced professionals understand what it takes to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free.

Weeding goes further than just pulling out a few weeds. You might need to mow your grass to a certain height or add some amendments to the soil. These experts can handle your landscaping needs while they continue to provide guidance on what are the best methods for a healthy lawn.

It takes a lot of work to keep away those pesky weeds. You could handle it by yourself, but it can be tricky to find the right methods to completely eliminate weeds for your property. In many cases, weed control starts with a healthy lawn. You might not know what is wrong with the yard without the help of a professional lawn care team. With the proper mowing height, nutrients, and other methods, those weeds will not have a chance to take root in your green spaces. You will be left with a healthy and lush lawn.

Let Us Help With Weed Control

If the thought of weed control seems overwhelming for you, there is help. At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, our lawn care experts understand the best ways to rid your lawn of those weeds. We will work hard to eliminate them and keep them from coming back. We can even help with aerating, fertilizing, and mowing. You never have to worry about weeding again.

Our professional team has experience with all types of properties, including commercial spaces. When you are ready to take control of the weeds in your landscape, make sure to schedule a consultation at (610) 608-3965

What Kind of Grass Do I Have? Learning About Grass Types in PA

Take a look at your grass! Did you know that there are several types of grasses in Pennsylvania? Many people are surprised to know there are different grass varieties, including those that can be grown in cool or warm weather. Grass in the state can vary. Once you know what type of grass is in your yard, you can provide better care for it. Here is a brief overview of the most common types of grass in Pennsylvania.

What Grass Type in PA Do I Have?

If you want to care for your lawn properly, you need to know about the type of grass growing throughout your property. In Pennsylvania, there are about four common types of grasses. You might have one species or a combination of them in your yard.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Residential lawns usually consist of Kentucky bluegrass. This attractive species features a medium to dark green color, and it is known for its fine texture. Many people choose this species because it is durable, dense, and lush. It can perform well in a variety of soils, and this grass loves those sunny spots.

Perennial Ryegrass

This particular grass is known for its fast germination rate, and it has a dark green color. Plus, you cannot beat its fine to medium texture. Over time, the perennial ryegrass will spread slowly throughout your yard. You might see clumps of this grass growing in your yard. Perennial ryegrass is prized for its hardiness and disease resistance. However, perennial ryegrass has high maintenance needs in the form of frequent waterings and heavy fertilizers.

Fine Fescue

While fine fescue might seem like a single variety, it is actually composed of several species, including the Creeping red fescue. This grass variety is also maintenance-free, and it will produce a stunning medium to dark green color for your lawn. This is another fine-textured grass for your yard. It is the perfect choice for those lawns that don’t receive a ton of sunshine.

Turf Type Tall Fescue

Finally, turf type tall fescues are the most drought tolerant of all the grasses in Pennsylvania. This species develops into a deep rich green color. This fescue can adapt to plenty of soil conditions throughout the state, and you will see it in most lawns across the Northeast.

Problem Grasses

Along with those common grass species, you might notice a few intruders in your yard. Grassy weeds have the appearance of grass, but they can invade and compete with your cool-season grasses for nutrients. If these grasses are in your yard, you need to remove them immediately. Once they have become established, it can be challenging to get them out of your yard.

Crabgrass is one type of problematic grass. It grows in clumps, and you will typically find it in spots with thinned-out grass. This species of weed is very aggressive, and it can spread throughout your yard. You might be able to control it with a pre-emergent. However, in some cases, you could need professional help to rid your yard of this weed.

Nutsedge is another perennial weed. If you have any moist areas of your yard, you might notice it rapidly spreading in the warm weather. Any grasses that stick out above the turf could be nutsedge. Since it grows with underground tubes, it can be difficult to remove without special tools and chemicals.

Rough bluegrass has a lighter color than its Kentucky bluegrass cousin, but this grass is considered a weed. You will usually see it in the early spring, where it rapidly spreads throughout your yard. By the summertime, the heat will kill it off. With that, there is no need to remove it by yourself.

Another tall fescue is known as Kentucky 31. This species is a perennial grass, but due to the fact it grows in clumps, it is very poor lawn grass. The Kentucky 31 features wide blades and coarse texture. You can see this grass growing throughout the year.

Finally, the orchardgrass is another pesky grassy weed that you might encounter in your yard. If you see light green or blue spots in your grass, it could be a sign of this weed. In the spring, the orchardgrass will flourish.

In many cases, these grassy weeds will die off by themselves. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep away these undesirable species. Overseeding and aeration are great ways to boost the health of your lawn. When your lawn is healthy, there is no room for those grassy weeds to develop. Results will not be seen overnight. It may take a season or two to see improvements in a very unhealthy lawn. When the lawn is strengthened and thickened, it can reduce the chances of those unwanted grassy species taking root in your yard.

Choosing the Best Grass Types for PA

If you are looking for the best grass species that will thrive in Pennsylvania, the turf type tall fescue is one of the best options. These grasses will keep weeds at bay while providing some spectacular color for your lawn. For those who need help choosing a suitable variety for your yard, a commercial lawn care service has options for you. They consider many things, including budget, maintenance needs, and soil quality. With all that information, these professionals can find the ideal grass species for your space.

Now that you know the most popular types of grasses in Pennsylvania, you want to find the best ways to care for and treat them. Specific grass species have particular needs. When you understand that, you will have a healthy and lush lawn for your property.

Commercial Lawn Care Services

If you need help with your commercial property, make sure to contact Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We have experience with all the varieties of grasses in the Pennsylvania area. With the proper care and maintenance, you will never have to worry about diseases and pests. Let us handle all of your landscaping and lawn care needs. You can schedule a consultation by calling (610) 608-3965.

Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Industrial Building and Warehouse Landscaping Efforts

Most industrial buildings are usually not known for their architecture and beauty. Commercial businesses use these buildings to manufacture and move out their products. However, a warehouse or industrial building does not have to look ugly. You can add a few touches to build your brand and promote a well-crafted image for your business.

Yes, the outside of your commercial spaces will say a lot about your company. You want to find the right landscaping elements to boost the appearance of all your outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your industrial landscaping efforts.

Boost the Entrance’s Appeal

You might think that an entrance just needs a front door. However, your entrance is the first place to make a great impression on your clients. Most customers will not walk up to the direct warehouse, but they will come to the front entrance to pick up products, pay a bill, or conduct some other type of business. It is important to make them feel welcomed.

An entrance with some big and bright pops of colors will attract visitors to your building. Plus, customers and employees love to see colorful flowers and plants breaking up a gray or white building. You might want to think about rotating plants and flowers on a seasonal basis for an added boost of color. Don’t forget about those pedestrian entrances. With their deep green color, boxwoods are the perfect backdrop for colorful flowers.

Highlight Your Company’s Signage

With a great sign, you can direct your customers to the entrance and potentially attract traffic from the street. You might want to use trees, perennials, and shrubs to create layers around the sign. However, it is crucial not to overwhelm the space. Since the sign promotes your business, you need a way to highlight it. Shrubs on each side of the sign can make it look bigger for a better impact. Landscaping around the sign will make it harder to miss.

Think About Trees

Trees are outstanding landscaping elements. They provide a dimension, color, and texture to your outdoor space. Since industrial buildings, distribution centers, and warehouses are horizontal, trees can add a vertical element to your areas. You need to think about the type of trees to add to your landscape. Evergreens provide some gorgeous green throughout the year. In the winter, think about planting a few dogwoods with red branches for seasonal color.

If you have trees around your property, you need to keep them properly maintained. While you can change your landscape, it does not help if your property looks cluttered or dirty. Along with that, you need the proper maintenance to prevent any accidents on your property. Make sure to pay attention to those walkways, hedges, and tree branches. Any of those spaces could be a hazard if you leave them unchecked. A company specializing in commercial lawn care services can handle it if you don’t want to tackle those chores by yourself.

Spruce Up Your Seasons

Trees can add some seasonal color, but your property can really pop with flowers and plants. In the spring, add some cheerful blooms. By summer, your landscape can come alive with splashes of blues, purples, and pinks. Fall is another great time for color with yellows, reds, and oranges. You can rotate your plant selection out for the season and create some added interest throughout your landscape.

Keep Away Pests

With all your hard landscaping work, you don’t want pests and rodents residing in those spaces. Make sure that all garbage is removed. Plus, you can add some elements that keep them away. Gravel is a better choice for cover around buildings. Ground cover is pretty, but it can make a habitable home for mice.

Plan Your Parking Lots

Parking lots are the last place where you might think of landscaping. Most lots have islands scattered throughout the space, and those areas are perfect places to add color and texture. If you live in a hot environment, place a few trees for some shade. Some shrubs and trees are a great way to introduce color into the cold, harsh parking lot.

Provide Adequate Lighting

If you want to keep visitors, employees, and others safe, you need lighting around the entrance and walkways. Lighting can highlight specific spaces on your property, such as the company’s sign or entrance. Along with that, great lighting can highlight the building’s architecture and provide a little drama. Even trees can be illuminated for more interest in your landscape. Along with enhancing the beauty of your landscape, lighting can keep your facility secure. Lighting is known to keep away would-be thieves and intruders from breaking into your building.

Engage Your Employees

Happy employees are more productive. You can boost workers’ morale by adding some well-manicured spaces for them to sit outside and eat. In many places, employees will use these spaces to hold a meeting or take a break. Fresh air and sunshine can break up the day for your workers. Adding benches, colorful plants, and water features will create a relaxing space for guests and employees to visit.

Go Green

While upgrading your building with greener technology, you can incorporate some of those elements into your landscaping plans. If you have a lawn, you know that it requires a lot of water to remain green and lush. You can reduce water consumption by replacing the grass with native plants. Many companies are going green, and you can talk to a commercial lawn care service to find the right options for your industrial building.

Let Us Help With Your Commercial Needs

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have the experience to make your industrial building or warehouse shine. We understand the complexities of commercial landscaping. Our team will go the extra mile to keep your trees, lawns, and plants maintained throughout the year. You never have to worry about lawn care again. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (610) 608-3965.

What Does the Average Homeowner Really Need to Know about Pesticides for Lawns?

When you take a walk through the lawn care aisle, there are plenty of choices for pesticides. Some pesticides are designed to target specific pests, but not all of them are meant to be used around your family or pets. You might think you know everything about pesticides, but there could be hidden dangers if you are not careful. Here are a few tips before you reach for that bottle of pesticide.

Keep Away Those Pests

Many people use pesticides to keep away dangerous insects that carry diseases. However, those over-the-counter bottles contain harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to your health. If you don’t read the label, you can expose your children, family members, and pets to these dangers. Even those professionally applied chemicals are still harmful. In many cases, you might see signs to “keep off the lawn” that warn others from coming into contact with these chemicals.

Most pesticides can be used safely, but you really need to read the warnings. On every bottle, the packaging will explain how much you need to use for your lawn. If you want to be proactive, make sure to contact your neighbors if you plan to spray any of these chemicals. Take time to block off access from your lawn. You don’t want anyone walking across the grass and coming into contact with the pesticides. Taking these special measures can keep others from becoming contaminated while you use these pesticides.

Healthy Lawns Without Using Pesticides

While you might think that pesticides are the only way to get a healthy lawn, there are other methods. Look at the health of your grass. When it is green, well-hydrated, and maintained, it is less likely to attract pests, weeds, and other problems.

When there is an issue with the lawn, the average homeowner will turn to those pesticides. However, pesticides only stop a part of the problem. You can spray all the chemicals, but that will not get to the root of the issue. Your lawn might have difficulties due to a fungus or drought. Make sure to address those problems before reaching for a bottle of chemicals.

When you develop a plan to maintain your lawn, you will have more success than spot treating your problems. Frequent use of pesticides can do more harm than good, and it is never a solution for those who want to attain a healthier lawn.

Tips for a Healthier Lawn

Since many homeowners are turning to pesticide alternatives, there are some things that you can do to increase the health of your grass. First, you might want to reach out for some professional help. There are local groups that can help identify and treat common problems with your grass. If you don’t want to waste time, a professional landscaping company can inspect your lawn and find a solution to get it back into shape.

You might want to consider an integrated pest management plan for your yard. With that, you can develop a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to deal with pest problems. These solutions might even use natural solutions that can remove and prevent pests from taking residence in your yard. In some cases, certain communities ban the use of pesticides, and this might be your only option for pest control.

Using Pesticides Responsibly

If you must use pesticides in your yard, it is important to take certain steps. You need to use them responsibly and avoid overexposing your family and pets to the chemicals. It is always important to use products that have been tested and regulated for home use. In some cases, it could be tempting to take a professional product and apply it to your lawn. Without the proper knowledge of these chemicals, you could inadvertently damage your grass, trees, and plants.

Along with that, never use a homemade product on your grass. You might have read about a great DIY solution for your pest control, but it can lead to a harmful concoction for your yard when you mix chemicals. You might even create something so toxic that it causes problems in the neighborhood. One thing to remember, all pesticides will seep into the groundwater. You never want to use something that could cause harm to the local environment.

Always Follow Directions

Along with making sure you use the right chemicals, it is important to follow those instructions. The label should tell you how to store, handle, and dispose of the pesticide. Make sure that you choose a product that is designed to treat your specific problem. For example, if you have grubs, choose a pesticide that will effectively treat them. Plus, take time to research the local ordinances in your community. You might be able to purchase certain pesticides online, but that doesn’t mean they are safe for your particular part of the country. Finally, always use gloves when handling the chemical and put on some protective clothing when applying it. Once you are finished, store those pesticides away from pets and children.

Pesticides are effective when they are used sparingly. You want to apply it when there is evidence of pests, and it should only be used in a specific area. Timing the application is important so that you avoid any repeated treatments. In addition to that, only buy small amounts of the pesticide that you plan to use. Storing chemicals are dangerous, and they can lose effectiveness after a period of time.

Professional Pest Control Solutions

While pesticides might seem like a fast way to treat those pests in your yard, they can cause harm if not properly used. Reach out to the experienced team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We have solutions to rid your yard of those unwanted guests, and our team can offer more environmentally friendly options. Leave the pest control to the professionals. With our services, you will have a healthier and greener lawn in less time than if you try to treat it by yourself. Make sure to schedule a consultation by calling (610) 608-3965.

Deciphering Between Dead and Dormant Grass

You have done everything for your lawn, from mowing to fertilizing, and there are still brown spots on the grass. When the turf starts to brown, it could signify that there are problems retaining nutrients and water in the soil. In some cases, your grass is not getting enough water or food. However, brown grass is not an automatic death sentence for your lawn. It might be entering a dormant stage, especially if you are in the middle of a hot summer season.

Does Grass Go Dormant?

Plants, trees, and grass can all enter a period of no growth. That is known as the dormant stage. When it becomes too hot, cool-season grass will start to go dormant to protect itself from droughts. On the opposite end, warm-season grasses enter their dormancy when the weather turns colder. During these stages, the grasses will “die” and then start to “green” when the optimal growing conditions have returned. You should think of dormancy as the grasses’ natural way to prevent actual death.

While the grass blades might look dead, an area known as the crown resides deep inside the plant. When that area gets the much-needed moisture, the grass will come to life and start to turn green in two weeks.

Grass is pretty resilient, and it can stay in a dormant phase for six weeks without any permanent damage. After that period, your lawn could experience turf loss. In some cases, you might lose about 25 percent of your turf for every week of limited water and nutrients.

Try the Tug Test

When you look at dormant grass and a dead lawn, they will have a similar appearance. However, there are few ways to distinguish these lawns. You can perform the “tug test.” With that, take a handful of the turf and quickly pull it. If the blades pull out easily with little resistance, you have a dead lawn. Any resistance to a tug is a sign that your lawn is just dormant.

You might also want to take a look at the entire lawn. If the whole area of your lawn is brown, that is a good sign the grass is in a dormancy stage. A mixture of green and brown areas could be an indication of dead spots in your yard.

Causes for Dead Grass

Now that you have conducted a simple test on your grass to determine whether it is dead or dormant, you want to find out the reasons behind it. With some information about the causes, you can find effective ways to keep your grass from dying. If you are looking for expert help, think about asking a company that specializes in commercial lawn care services for assistance.

Droughts are the top reason for dead turf. In the summer, some people think that rainfall is enough to hydrate the blades. However, most grass needs about an inch of water per week for optimal health. Compact lawns are the most susceptible to deadly droughts.

Speaking of compacted lawns, thatch is another grass killer. Over time, decaying debris can build up and choke out the healthy grass in your lawn. You can easily break up that thatch with a few tools.

You probably already know the importance of fertilization, but overfeeding your grass can be as dangerous as having no nutrients. You might want to stop with any fertilization treatments in the summer since that process can cause brown patches in the hot weather.

It is important to check the blades of your mower. Sharp blades are the best to keep your lawn in top shape. With a dull blade, it can cause damage to the grass, leading to brown spots. Plus, the right height makes all the difference in the health of your grass. Make sure to keep those blades about 3 inches from the ground in the summer.

In the summer, you need to watch out for under- and over-watering. If your grass is not getting enough moisture, it will start to have a straw-like appearance. On the other hand, you will leave soggy footprints on the grass when you walk on an overwatered lawn. When you need water, make sure to accomplish this task in the early morning hours to allow for proper evaporation.

Pests can be the bane of existence for many homeowners. They leave behind chewed grass blades and brown spots on your lawn. If your lawn can be easily pulled up, then you might have a grub infestation. Chinch bugs, mites, leafhoppers, and mole crickets are other insects that can create havoc in your lawn.

If you have a dog, you know that those pet spots are unsightly. However, don’t just blame Fido. Other animals, like rabbits and birds, can leave urine spots on your lawn. Animal urine can cause a lot of damage, turning a bright green lawn into a yellow eyesore.

Finally, your dead grass could be the result of a fungus on the lawn. There is no shortage of diseases that will damage the lawn, leaving you with dead brown spots. In the summer, hot and humid conditions can be a breeding ground for grass fungus. During that time, you might notice brown spots that reach several feet in diameter.

Prevent Dormant and Dead Lawns

You might think that brown grass is a lost cause, but there are ways to revive it. When you have a better understanding of the issues, you can take steps to resolve them. A healthy lawn needs to be seeded, watered, and mowed throughout the spring, summer, and fall. If you notice that your grass is showing signs of dormancy, make sure to take appropriate steps to keep it healthy. With a little help, you can keep your grass looking great throughout the year.

Professional Commercial Lawn Care

If you need help with lawn care around your property, reach out to the team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We can take the necessary steps to prevent brown spots throughout your yard. You can learn more about our services by calling us at (610) 608-3965.

When Is The Best Time to do a Landscape Renovation on your Commercial Property?

As a business owner, you want to do everything possible to keep and attract those clients. You might not think about commercial landscaping, but it plays a vital role in boosting your property’s reputation. Whether you want to spruce up certain areas of your space or need a total overhaul of the property, you want to find the ideal time to tackle these projects. Here is a brief overview of when it is the best time to do a landscape renovation on your commercial property.

Are You Planning To Sell?

If your commercial property is heading on the market, you want it to look more impressive than those others in the neighborhood. Whether it is spring or fall, you need to dress up your space to provide an extra boost.

Even if you are not planning to list the property, you have to attract those new clients or tenants. In today’s world, amenities are used to bring in new tenants to these rental communities. However, if you don’t have these nice perks, your building could remain vacant. You must be able to compete with those other rental communities. With a freshened-up landscape, you can use it as a marketing tool for visitors, tenants, and customers.

With that, you can start these projects throughout the warmer months. It might be a great time to discuss your plans with a professional landscape designer in the winter. You can work together to create a beautiful landscape that brings in new clients.

Revive Your Dated Landscape Renovation on your Commercial Property

Does your landscape look like it stepped out of the 1990s? It is definitely time to add some modern features to your commercial space. When you have old shrubs and trees surrounding your buildings, it is time for a renovation, especially if they grow over your windows and create hazards on the sidewalk.

Mass plantings were all the rage a few decades ago, but now it gives your property a dated appearance. Landscaping elements like hawthorns and junipers can make your property look tired. You might want to replace them with columnar shrubs and trees for a more modern look. River rock is often used to provide a contemporary edge to your landscape. Today’s modern landscape designers focus on sustainability and xeric elements to help the local environment and reduce the need for water.

Some commercial lawn care services choose plants and shrubs that bloom multiple times a year for added appeal to a space. If you want to renovate the outside look of your property, make sure to draw up your plans before the growing season. However, you can slowly add these elements when there is optimal weather for planting.

Update Those Key Areas

If you don’t have the budget for a complete property redo, you definitely will want to renovate those key areas to give your space the biggest impact. Make sure to focus on the walkways to the buildings and the entrance leading up to your property. The spaces between your building and parking lot should not be ignored. Wherever people spend time, you want to think about renovating those spaces.

Flowers and other bright elements can attract customers, but you want to keep them coming back. When planning your commercial landscape renovation project, think beyond trees and shrubs. These new landscaping elements should “wow” your clientele.

Building owners can use a few of these elements to create an inviting space for new visitors and returning clients. For those restaurant owners, you want to use landscaping to create a relaxing atmosphere for your diners. If you have a rental property, you should add places that your tenants can use, like a fire pit, outdoor seating space, and dog park. Those big projects should be completed when the weather is favorable for construction.

Keep Your Employees Happy

No matter your business, the chances are you have employees on the payroll. You want to keep and retain them by updating the look of your property. No one wants to come to work in a place that is drab and uninviting. With a little improvement to your landscape, you might even see a boost in the productivity of your workers.

Along with that, you need to create a landscape that matches your company’s brand and message. Make this a place where people are proud to work. A landscape renovation doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking. You can focus on a few areas to increase your employees’ happiness and add to your property’s curb appeal.

Think About a Build and Design Combination

When you are ready to transform your commercial landscape, you will have to work with a designer to create the perfect space. Many companies not only design the space, but they can help build it as well. With that, you will be working with the same company every step of the way. This is beneficial for you as there is no chance that any detail will be missed in the process.

Renovate and Invigorate Your Commercial Space

There is no set time for a landscape renovation on your commercial property. Many property owners use the winter downtime to come up with plans for a spring or summer rejuvenation. However, any season is a great time to boost the appearance of your outdoor spaces. These renovated features make the biggest impact on your property. When you need a professional renovation, make sure to reach out to a company that can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

Let Charlestown Landscaping Help Landscape Renovation on your Commercial Property

If you are ready to transform the look of your commercial spaces, make sure to reach out to the team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We have a professional team of designers and landscapers who work together to create impressive outdoor spaces for landscape renovation on your commercial property.

Whether you want a small improvement or need a complete overhaul, we have the experience to make these spaces stand out in the neighborhood. Along with that, we can keep them properly maintained throughout the year. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call our office at (610) 608-3965.

Timeline: How Long Will A New Landscape Installation Take?

When you are ready to renovate the look of your landscape, you probably want a timeline for its completion. This time frame can be important, especially if you have a commercial space. Any disruption can lead to a loss in business and make your space unusable until the project is completed. Here are a few things that you will want to know when taking on a new landscape installation.

Beauty Takes Time

When starting a project, you are excited about the new changes to your commercial space. You want to quickly replace those dark areas of fresh soil with beautiful flowers and green shrubs. However, it does take a little time for your project to be completed. Unfortunately, creating a picture-perfect space cannot be transformed overnight. It may take a few days to months to see the full benefits of your landscape renovation.

Once the project is finished, the commercial property is instantly transformed. There will be a noticeable boost in the curb appeal of your space. Landscaping renovations are some of the first things visitors will see when they come to the property.

When you are ready to take on a big project, you need to forge a relationship between your commercial lawn care design team and the production crew. If you have a big project, like a full-scale yard renovation, it can take a few months from the planning stage to the final product. For those small renovation jobs, the project time frame is often cut in half.

In some cases, you might have a project that must be completed in phases. With that, you can expect the renovation to last for about two to three seasons. The scale of the project will determine whether it can be completed quickly or you need to plan for a long-term job.

Here is a look at the steps in the landscape renovation process.

Design and Build Process

Many commercial lawn care services have a staff of designers and builders who can take your ideas and turn them into a stunning landscape. These professionals work together to coordinate the design and see it through from conception to completion.

You will first start with a consultation with a landscape designer. At this point, the landscape designer will get a feel about what you want for your commercial space. Along with that, the budget, timeline, preference, and materials are all discussed. You want to bring all your plans to the table during this meeting. This is not the time to hold back. The more information the designer gets from you, the better the plans for your commercial landscape.

The designer wants to know your expectations for the project. Be prepared to answer questions and ponder a few suggestions for your property. You want to find someone who has the same vision for this project. Even if you don’t know what you want, a designer can help you find the right elements to create a stunning landscape.

After the consultation, the designer will work to create a few plans for your commercial property. You can usually expect to see these plans in about two to three weeks after the first meeting. Your designer may present their ideas in a 2D or 3D format, depending on the project’s complexity. After the presentation, you can ask a few questions or request any changes to the project.

Once you have approved the design and layout of your landscape project, it will be added to a production calendar. At this time, a project manager is assigned. The team and materials are gathered for your space. If the company is busy, you might have to wait a few weeks for the installation to start.

The time to complete the installation will depend on several factors, such as the scope of the project, the weather, and the type of work required. In most cases, those large-scale renovation projects can take about four to six months to complete.

When Can You Start?

Many commercial property owners want to know when they should start a renovation. This answer will depend on what needs to be done around the property. Most landscape renovations can get started as soon as the ground thaws in the spring. In many cases, these projects can last into the fall until the first hard frost. Over the years, some companies can even finish up some of the hardscaping elements by the first week of December.

Since you know that these projects can take a month or more to complete, when should you start? The right time is now. You could begin the planning process over the winter. With that, your design crew will create a plan and secure the elements for the job. Once the ground breaks in the spring, there is a good chance you can enjoy these elements by summer. However, if you start the process in July, you could have everything done before the snow touches the ground in the winter.

The Timeline Depends on Your Project’s Scope

Many factors can affect the timeline of your project. When you update your landscape, it is a significant investment. You want to take your time to find the right designer and crew to make your plans into a reality. Many commercial lawn care companies offer consultations that can take your outdoor spaces to the next level. All of the work is typically done in-house. You don’t have to worry about working with multiple contractors to get the job done correctly.

Create Your Dream Landscape

Renovating a commercial landscape can be challenging, but the team at Charlestown Landscaping LLC is ready for the task. We will help you work towards creating the ideal outdoor space. Whether you want a small improvement or an extensive overhaul, our team has the expertise to create a stunning landscape. With our lawn care and landscape maintenance services, we can keep up the appearance of these spaces after finishing the project.

If you are ready to have an experienced team handle your landscape renovation project, please schedule a consultation by calling our office at (610) 608-3965.

The 7 Most Important Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tasks

When you hire a commercial landscaping company for your property, you expect specific tasks completed on a regular basis. Some of these duties include caring for flowers, mowing the grass, and maintaining the trees. Along with that, some other landscaping maintenance tasks should be completed. Here are seven of the most vital commercial landscape tasks that you need for your property.

1 – Spring and Fall Cleanup

You know that cleanup can help keep your property looking great throughout the year. After the harsh winter, there is plenty of debris throughout your landscape. You could be picking up broken branches and other foliage that may not have survived through those dangerous winter storms.

Along with that, snow plows can damage the lawn by accidentally plowing into the grass or piling snow on your turf. In the spring, debris needs to be hauled away from the garden beds and other spaces. For these reasons, you want someone to clean those messy spaces. With these chores, you can guarantee a healthy growing season for the spring and summer.

These duties are not just for the spring. You also want to spruce up your commercial landscape in the fall. If you live in a spot with plenty of autumn foliage, you want to remove it from the ground before the snow blankets the area. During this season, these commercial landscapers can make sure your property is ready for the winter.

2 – Seasonal Planting Changes

You can enjoy various colors throughout the seasons. In many landscapes, commercial lawn care services include rotating those flowers on a seasonal basis. With that, you can add some interest to your space as you keep it updated for your employees, tenants, or visitors. The bedding of the gardens should be crisp and clean. In the spring, you might want to plant all those big and bright colors. Summertime could be a great time to use cooler shades. Think about those bold oranges, reds, and yellows to complement the other leaves in your space for the fall.

3 – Insect Control

Ants, worms, and grubs can damage a commercial landscape. Before these insects can cause havoc in your space, you can treat your landscape to keep them away. Your commercial landscaping company should be able to provide all the necessary applications to keep away these pests. If you are looking for a more natural solution, a commercial company can give a few solutions for you. Insect control doesn’t have to contain harsh chemicals for your landscape. Today, there is a renewed focus on greener options for your outdoor spaces.

4 – Tree and Bush Trimming

The grass and flowers are the main focus for many people. However, your bushes and trees need a little love as well. While these landscaping elements don’t need to be trimmed every week, you still want someone who can properly care for them. Shrubs and trees need pruning to keep their shape. If a branch or limb is a safety hazard on your property, it must be removed as soon as possible. Pruning will help these elements stay healthy all year long.

In addition to that, if there is an issue with the tree or shrub, the landscaping team can address those issues. In some cases, the leaves could develop brown spots or form fungi on the trunk. With an experienced team, they will make sure your shrubs and trees stay healthy all year.

5 – Fertilization and Aeration

There is so much that goes into lawn care maintenance. Some people might think that it is only mowing the yard, but your grass needs the proper fertilization and aeration. When you plant new grass seed in the spring or fall, you should think about fertilizing at the same time. Fertilizing can also benefit any newly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers around your yard. Established elements will love a boost of nutrients from the fertilizers.

Aeration is another vital part of your landscaping plan. After a year of parties and playtime, your grass can get compacted. When that happens, all those essential nutrients and water cannot reach down to the roots, resulting in brown spots. You can avoid all of these hassles with some aeration throughout your property. This process removes “plugs” from the yard as it gives your grass a chance to take in some of those vital nutrients. Your lawn will continue to look lush and green all summer long.

6 – Hardscape Maintenance

If you have inviting pathways throughout your property, you will want to make sure they are properly maintained. You might want to scrape or reseal certain worn-out spots. Pressure washing can remove all that dirt and grime from a storm. Not only does it provide better aesthetics, but it will keep your visitors safe. Regular maintenance can help you spot those trouble areas with raised pavers, loose bricks, or damaged concrete. When you provide some attention to these areas, they will continue to look great throughout the year.

7 – Irrigation Maintenance

Finally, you should never forget about irrigation maintenance. Without the proper amounts of water, your flowers, trees, and grass will turn brown. When this system is checked, you can ensure that the water is getting to all those places. If you have a sprinkler system, it should be inspected to ensure there is no break in the underground lines. Otherwise, you could spend money on wasted water. Any problems should be resolved quickly, especially in the summer. You don’t want to leave your commercial landscape without the right amount of hydration during those hot months.

Let Us Help Maintain Your Commercial Landscaping

At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have an experienced team that can discuss a personalized plan for your commercial lawn care. We understand the needs of these properties, and we will work hard to keep them green throughout the growing seasons. From lawn mowing to tree trimming, we offer a variety of services for your property. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, please take a few minutes to call our office at (610) 608-3965.

Is Landscaping Considered A Capital Improvement?

If you have a commercial property, you might want to think of a few ways to improve it. Curb appeal can go a long way to attract new clients, visitors, or tenants. With a few landscaping enhancements, you can spruce up the appearance of your outdoor space. However, are these improvements considered a “capital project?” Here are a few things you need to know whether these improvements are considered a tax deduction.

Do You Need To Update?

Does your commercial landscape look a little tired? If that is the case with you, it might be time for a needed boost. Those properties built in the ’80s and ’90s are starting to look dated. When the properties are improved, the landscape can also get spruced up. With the right landscaping enhancements, your commercial space can look modern, welcoming, and comfortable.

What Is Capital Improvement?

A capital improvement can lead to significant tax breaks for your property. However, you want to make sure that you can legally take these deductions. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a capital improvement must meet specific standards, such as:

  • Creating an increase in efficiency, productivity, and capacity
  • Fixing a flaw or defect in the design
  • Building a physical expansion or addition
  • Replacing structural or major components of the property
  • Rebuilding the property after it has reached the end of its useful life

In simple terms, a capital improvement project can add significant value to your property. Maintenance and repair projects are not considered capital improvements since they only preserve the property’s existing value.

Is Landscaping Considered a Capital Improvement?

If you want to know the answer to your specific situation, you will need to contact an accounting professional. With their advice, you can determine whether you can take a tax break for your next landscaping project.

Here are some of the projects that are typically considered capital investments.

Creating a Comprehensive Landscaping Update

All that landscaping that was installed in the past few decades could be bringing down the value of your property. For example, junipers were all the rage for landscaping in the 1990s. They were durable and low maintenance. However, many of these old junipers have a rugged appearance and make properties look dated. Some trees and shrubs were prevalent on commercial properties, but they were not well-suited for those concrete or paved spaces.

Perennials, ornamental grasses, and flowering shrubs are more in vogue. These elements give a more casual and captivating appearance to a commercial landscape. Low perennials and ground covers can provide some interest to your space, while taller trees and shrubs can dress up the background. These projects can add some appeal, but they are also considered a tax-deductible capital investment.

Making an Environmentally Friendly Landscape

In the past, commercial properties required plenty of mulch, pesticides, and water to keep it looking green throughout the year. However, there is a push to reduce water usage and avoid any harmful pesticides. Some companies provide commercial lawn care services that can help you design a beneficial landscape for the local environment. You might want to plant those species that need less water. Some of those native plants are less susceptible to disease and pests. When you update your space, it is considered a capital improvement. Along with that, you can help the environment and save money on those water bills.

Updating Your Walkways

If you have any cracked concrete walkways throughout your property, they can bring down the value of your space. Along with that, these damaged walkways are a dangerous trip hazard. You should replace parts of the pathways with pavers for a more aesthetically pleasing look. These pavers can identify those main crosswalks and entrances. Any type of comprehensive renovation counts as a capital improvement.

Improving Those Outdoor Common Areas

If you want to attract visitors, customers, and tenants, you will want to create a beautiful common area. In those office buildings, it can help to boost the morale of your employees. While they are on a break, the employees can relax for lunch or hold outdoor brainstorming sessions.

For those rental property owners, you want to create great spaces for your tenants. Many of these renters will spend plenty of time outside enjoying the weather. Those outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and grilling stations will encourage residents to gather and socialize. If there are families in your complex, you might want to add a splash pool or playscape. Yes, all these improvements are considered capital projects.

What Is Not Considered a Capital Improvement?

While these projects are considered capital improvements, not all of these jobs fall into that category. Commercial lawn care companies can come out to your property to edge, weed, and mow. Along with that, these crews prune and fertilize around your space. However, these projects are not deemed a capital improvement. Most of those projects are considered maintenance services. These services can make your space look nice, but they are not enough to be a tax-deductible improvement.

We Can Help Improve Your Space

Many of these large landscaping projects can be considered capital improvement. However, there are some improvements that will not qualify. While you need to consult with a tax professional, you can start to dream up these projects with help from Charlestown Landscaping LLC. We can help to beautify your space in several ways, including designing those tax-deductible projects.

We would love to discuss your next capital improvement project with you. We can take your ideas and turn them into a stunning commercial landscape. Our team understands the needs of these properties.

We can create a plan that will boost the look of your space so that you can appreciate it for many years to come. Along with that, we can help you maintain these outdoor spaces throughout the season with our lawn care and snow removal services. Maintaining commercial landscaping can be a hassle. However, you can avoid all the hard work when you hire us for the job. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (610) 608-3965.

How To Keep Your Retail Center Vibrant During The Summer

In the heat of the summer, your retail center landscape can look a little tired. However, those high temperatures don’t mean that you have to look at damaged green spaces all season long. There are a few things you can do to keep the retail center vibrant in your landscape. With these few tips, your outdoor spaces will remain lush and green throughout the summer.

Think About Irrigation

As you already know, watering is vital to keep your plants, trees, and grass hydrated. However, you need to make sure you are not overwatering or underwatering these landscaping elements. For commercial landscaping, you might be better off installing an irrigation system. Some of these systems can detect when there is rain in the area and prevent overwatering in your landscape. These automatic watering systems will take some of the guesswork out of this critical chore.

With smart irrigation, you never have to waste money on unnecessary watering. This water-saving technology uses sensors to deliver the right amount of water to your landscape. Along with that, if a line breaks, the system will shut off and stop any water from flooding the yard. Smart irrigation is the best way to water your plants without worrying about wasting dollars or precious resources.

If you need some help finding the right irrigation system for your landscape, you can always reach out to a company specializing in commercial lawn care services. These professionals understand the watering needs of these unique landscapes and can suggest ideas for your retail space.

Summer Watering Is Vital

While you might want to grab the hose and water every day, you need to think twice. With frequent waterings, you can create weak roots in your commercial landscape. In some cases, the roots could start to grow upward in an attempt to get more water. That’s always a bad sign!

You should think about watering less frequently. Extended watering sessions can do wonders. A deep soaking watering can help to replenish and nourish those roots. Plus, it can encourage the roots to grow deeper into the ground.

The time of day when you choose to water is also essential. You should never water in the middle of the day. At that time, the water will evaporate in the hot sun. Think about breaking out the hose in the early morning for the best results.

Use the Proper Mowing Techniques

Mowing the lawn is more than pushing the mower up and down the grass. If you want a stunning retail landscape, you should understand the proper mowing techniques. It is important not to cut more than a third of the grass blades during the summer. When the grass is too short, it can lead to disease development and other issues for your yard. Tall grass has a healthier root system, and it will be able to handle the scorching temperatures in the summer heat. In addition to that, taller grass provides some shade for the soil and helps retain moisture for longer periods of time.

Spruce Up the Mulch

Mulch provides so many benefits in your commercial landscape, especially during the summer. With a couple of inches of mulch, your soil will remain cooler, and it will stop moisture from evaporating from the ground. Mulch also reduces the need for extra waterings for your flowers, shrubs, and trees.

However, old and thin mulch offers no benefits for your retail center. It won’t retain moisture as the mulch barely protects the surface around your landscape. If you want a carefree way to help the rest of your landscape, make sure to add some mulch to your summer outdoor spaces.

Keep Up the Maintenance

During the summer, all sorts of eyesores can pop up throughout your landscape. You want to fix those issues as soon as you spot them. For example, if your grass looks dry, it might be time for a drink of water. Those faded flowers should be removed from flower beds to promote more growth. Any damaged sprinkler heads need to be repaired quickly. Finally, don’t forget to pick up any garbage and other debris cluttering up your retail center.

Select the Perfect Plants

Some plants and flowers are pretty, but they can’t live up to those high temperatures in the summer. You want to choose plants that do not require much maintenance during this time. Make sure to select plants in various colors, such as pinks, yellows, and oranges. However, some varieties will attract bees, birds, and butterflies to your space. Keep that in mind so that they don’t bother your customers. Salvia, purple coneflowers, daylilies, and butterfly bushes are great choices to keep your retail space looking vibrant.

Xeriscaping is a popular choice for those extremely dry climates. You can add some xeriscaping elements to parts of your landscape. These drought-tolerant plants, trees, and shrubs hardly require any fertilizer or water. Not only does that brighten up your space, but you will not waste money keeping them hydrated throughout the summer.

Maintain the Health of Your Grass

You can avoid a brown and scorched lawn if you maintain the health of your grass. Healthy turf will also keep away those diseases and pests. You might want to think about a regular turf care program to keep your grass looking healthy during the growing season. With that, your lawn will be properly fertilized, and weeds can be kept under control.

Survive This Summer’s Scorch

Commercial landscaping can take a hit in the summer. However, with these few tips, you can keep your retail center looking vibrant throughout the season.

If you don’t want to fuss with these issues by yourself, think about hiring a commercial lawn care service. At Charlestown Landscaping LLC, we have the expertise to make your outdoor spaces shine in the summer. From mowing to aerating, our team is ready to handle your retail center’s landscape. Along with that, we even offer snow removal services for the wintertime. We are your one-stop shop for commercial property needs. You can schedule a consultation by calling (610) 608-3965.